And for Paris' Partner In Crime...


Above: Rory and Tristan have a talk while Rory attempts to read a book.
Here's a tip: Don't read in the hallway. You'll get crushed!
Okay, here's the deal...
If you are suave, debonair, and smooth, you, too, can be like Tristan.
You can have all the perks:
So if you want to be like Tristan, practice up!
Because it's not easy to be cool.
Take it from Tristan.

Above: The government class study group - Paris, Tristan, Rory, Madeline and Louise.

In the episode "The Third Lorelai," Rory sets Tristan up with Paris. But Tristan oh-so-casually mentions that fact to Paris after she informs him for the seventh time she had a good time. Rory is very angry at Tristan, mainly because she has tried so hard with Paris. Rory also informs Tristan that he should be nicer to Paris; she doesn't get many dates.

Above: Paris and Tristan, shortly before Tristan tells her Rory set them up.

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